Tips on Personal Hygiene While Attending a Festival or Event

"Mud, Mud, glorious Mud".  With the great English weather "Mud" can often be unavoidable. Indeed many get great joy from "wallowing in glorious Mud" as the old song goes.

While not wishing to detract from the joy of "wallowing" great care must be taken not to pick up anything infectious by so doing.

Wherever animals have in the near or distant past been grazed, there is a risk of bacterial contamination if strict hygiene rules are not adhered to.

Cleaning hands before eating is essential either by using anti-bacterial wipes or by washing and then applying anti-bacterial hand gel of the sort used in hospital wards.  Washing alone may not be enough.


Picture a scene played out every day by people using public toilets.

First you enter the toilet area by using the door handle to open and close the door (picking up any infectious deposits left by the last visitor).

After using the facility you flush the toilet (depositing & picking up etc).  Now you move to the tap and turn it on (depositing & picking up etc).  After washing your hands you turn off the tap unlock the door(depositing & picking up etc) and exit the toilet.  Now is the time to apply anti-bacterial gel.

Taps may seem clean, after all clean water is flowing through them.  You should however always remember that you do not know who used the tap last or what may have been deposited on the handle or tap outlet.

The very young and old people are especially susceptible to picking up bacterial infections such as E.Coli.

Before drawing water you may feel the need to spray the tap and water outlet with an anti-bacterial spray or similar anti-bacterial cleaner paying particular attention to the water outlet part of the tap. Wicked Events Water Services ensure that all taps are regularly treated and checked in this way by water monitors.

Water samples are taken at regular intervals prescribed by the Environmental Health Officer responsible for the safe running of any event or festival.  The results of these tests are logged to ensure a safe and clean water supply.  All taps are thoroughly cleaned and sterilized by Wicked Event Water Services prior to samples being taken to ensure that no false results due to contamination of the taps occur.

Anyone tempted to think that the above precautions are going just a little too far may wish to consider the following.  Wicked Event Water Services have tested water known to be safe to drink first by drawing water from a tap which has not been cleaned and sterilized and then after sterilization of the tap.  The samples were then tested.  Water drawn from an unclean tap sometimes showed contamination of some sort while water drawn from a cleaned and sterilized tap was shown to match the cleanliness of the water entering the tap from the supply.

At every major event whether it is a festival, a special event or a football match where food and drink has been consumed there will be some people who suffer stomach upsets post festival or event.  Wicked Event Water Services follow strict guidelines to ensure that anyone suffering has not been contaminated by the actual water supplied to the event.  After recent events where a contaminated water supply was thought to be responsible for an outbreak of E.Coli several Environmental Health Officers, after examining how we do things at Wicked Event Water Services have decided to adopted our standards and methodology of working as being "The Standard" for all future events under their control.

To be sure that you or a loved one attending an event or festival are not among the unfortunate ones to pick up a "tummy bug" or a more serious infection just follow the guide lines set out on this web site.

  • Ensure that before putting anything in your mouth that your hands are clean and if possible sterile.
  • Should you drop food onto the ground do not adopt the policy "well we all need some germs to stay healthy", dispose of the food in question.
  • Never pick up dropped food and give it to an infant.  You may well say "I just would not do that".  Have a look around at the festival or event, make it a game if you wish, count the number of people who having dropped something just dust it of and continue to eat the item.
  • If an infant’s dummy or drinking cup falls to the floor be sure to sterilize the items before continuing with their use.  Remember you have no way of knowing what has been deposited on the ground in the near or distant past.
  • Finally, festivals and special events can and should be fun for all the family young and old.  Yes "Mud, Mud, Glorious Mud" is often present at such events and is acceptable if not unavoidable.  Take good care to protect both yourselves and your loved ones by following the simple rules of hygiene given above.  We hope to see you at many more events in the future.